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Our Services


Some advertisers come to us to execute a fully-developed media and marketing plan. Others come to us looking for help developing a strategy or plan. If you are the latter, we will start by conducting a brand and marketing needs analysis. In this process, we will identify market segments, market conditions, campaign goals and go-to-market strategy.


Our in-house creative director collaborates with some of the area’s best producers of video, television, radio, print, digital, web and graphic design assets. By outsourcing creative projects as needed, we save our clients from paying for unnecessary overhead and each client is afforded the ability to pick from an impressive group of providers.

Social & Digital Media
Planning and Buying

The sheer volume of digital marketing options and back-end analytics can overwhelm the most seasoned advertising professional or business owner. We’re here for you. Based on your marketing objectives, we will make priority digital media recommendations to you. Whether the recommendation is search, display, social, site optimization, mobile, site design, information architecture, hosting and/or more, we handle every aspect of your digital strategy from planning to purchase to post-campaign analysis.

Traditional Media
Planning and Buying

We know the pros and cons of each medium and we recommend the best way for our client to capitalize on the benefits offered by each. Because we purchase so much advertising for so many different companies, you benefit from a price and opportunity perspective in that you’re offered the best of each by virtue of your affiliation with us. We play no favorites. Whether it’s TV, radio, print and/or outdoor, we make recommendations as to where your budget is best invested based solely on your marketing needs.

Apex Media’s Marketing Plans include:

  • Identifying Key Marketing and Communication Objectives
  • Identifying Key Sales Periods
  • Target Market Evaluation
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Media Objectives and Goals
  • Budgeting
  • Tactics
  • Creative Strategies

Our services include but are not limited to: analyses to identify strengths and areas of opportunity, long term strategic planning, campaign ideas, concepts and copywriting. Our in-house creative department collaborates with some of the market’s best production studios for video, television, radio, print, digital, web and graphic design services.

We make priority recommendations as to where marketing resources are best invested based on current market conditions, current market position and marketing objectives.